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Photo listing : road environments (event)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Look what popped up overnight in Herne Hill! A multi-coloured celebration of the Ulez and the impact it will have locally on #CleanAir. Cleaner cars mean better air for everyone. N02 levels dropped by 44% when it was introduced in central L ... [more]

Fatal crash on Kings Ripton Road, Huntingdon "The cyclist who died after he was i ... [more]

[UPDATE: Aldwark is open again.] [Image taken 1.11.21] Aldwark, junction with Hunt Court, York. Works for five weeks here. This means the filtered permeable junction is closed. There's no diversion signed for people on cycles. But a dropped ... [more]

Not much evidence of there being a COP26 diversion route around this corner.

No improvement at Argyle Street. However, the plastic barrier which had been pushed beyond the asphalt ramp has been restored to its intended position.

The Clyde Arc has been divided in two for COP26.

[Image taken 20.10.21] Leeman Road, Memorial Gardens, York. The cyclist crossing these two lanes is unavoidably side on to the traffic coming from the left. There is no protection from any vehicles. On around 50 per cent of my journeys - ma ... [more]

[Image taken 20.10.21] Leeman Road, Memorial Gardens, York. Activating the temporary cycle crossing. There are no road markings to tell drivers where to stop/to increase observance of the all traffic stopping lights and no markings to keep ... [more]

[Route ridden/data captured 8.10.21] Original route of 'Terry Avenue', York. A continuous, mostly motor traffic-free riverside route between Skeldergate and the Millennium Bridge, York. No ups and downs, no junctions of note. It closed for ... [more]

Flowers near crash site, see #174673.

Flowers near crash site, see #174673.

Professional cyclist Alexandar Richardson claims to have been attacked by a machete-wielding motorcycle gang inside Richmond Park earlier today. His bicycle was then stolen by the gang. ... [more]

Early report about the fatal crash from: " 7 Oct 2021 A woman has died following a collision this morning near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. The w ... [more]

Cyclist fatality in Balham High Road which is now closed to traffic. @joncstone @JonIrwinLD @Jo_Earlsfield @jonburkeUK Police are appealing for witnesses or dash cam footage following a serious collision between a car and a cyclist in Cambridge. ... [more]

On Monument Way in Tottenham in the early hours of this morning. Picture taken from my flat's window. It happened around 100 yards from where I am sitting in my kitchen. I know there is a petrol crisis, please do take care friends. Do not d ... [more]

[Image taken 29.9.21] Navigation Road, York. Motor vehicle congestion. Parked vehicles on the left reduce the space to 1.5 (barely) carriageways. Context see: #174548 and links

[Image taken 25.9.21] Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride, York. The speed humps have been removed. I reported damage which created an invisible 'drop-off' (see: #174306) a hazard for people on cycles, to CYC. I received a by return reply and now a ... [more]

Returning to the city centre on the Camcycle picnic ride 2021.

[UPDATE: See #174512. [Image taken 25.9.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Cones have appeared where there were originally railings (see: #36893), then in June 2021 nothing: #169933.

Camcycle picnic ride 2021.

Pony and trap on Mill Road.

[Image taken 12.9.21] Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor/Rawcliffe, York. This driver is not on yellow lines but s/he is limiting the visibility in both directions of people on cycles and on foot. First time I've seen someone here: there is often ... [more]

Veteran bicycle club event.

The first sign that the Benalder Street/Beith Street junction is going to be signalised, but no clues as to how the cycle track ending here will be tied into this. The dropped kerb and crossing studs have not deterred these selfish drive ... [more]

Cyclist near the start of the 22km climb from Bormio to the Stelvio Pass

Temporarily two-way for motorists

Got hit by a driver today at Mile End/Grove Rd junct. MASSIVE THANKS to Alexander @pedalmeapp who was SO giving of his time to call police/ambulance. Thanks to passby bike mechanic who checked over my bike. Thanks to @metpoliceuk & @Ldn ... [more]

Good to see public space used for socialising instead of driving

[Image taken 9.8.21] Tanner's Moat, Wellington Row, York. Context see: #173062 and links. The image gives an idea of how busy this route is for 'active travellers'. The importance of this link is not limited to it being used as a diversion ... [more]

Fatal crash

Reports: Tweets ... [more]

Bunting in Bridge Street

[Image taken 20.7.21] Station Avenue, York. Signage warning road users of temporary lights. And the lights themselves - facing the correct way. See: #172327, #172329, #172330

Robot delivery in St Philip’s Road, Romsey, Cambridge

Robot outside the Empress pub, Cambridge See #172332

Motor cycle event passing through Hay-On-Wye

Three cyclists (two separate groups) oblivious of the wide new cycleway.

A couple of pop-up peak-hour bus lanes have been provided on the Springburn Road expressway. The shape of the start of the bus lane has already been altered.

A couple of pop-up peak-hour bus lanes have been provided on the Springburn Road expressway. Nothing has been done to improve the narrow shared-use footway.

The pop-up cycle lane resumes, but only once the road happens to get wider. I bumped the kerb to allow the couple walking towards me to avoid walking single file. A decent permanent installation would not look like this.

The line narrowing the shared footway over the motorway bridge, and a scooter user approaching.

The shared footway over the motorway bridge has a solid line marking near the railing. Is this because the railing is too low for a shared use footway/cycleway to be there?

[Image taken 4.7.21] Lendal Bridge/Station Road at the Rougier Street end. The orange spot marks a kerbstone that was damaged: #168910. It was a hazard for people using the pavement and encroached into the ASL. I've re-re-re-reported the da ... [more]

Mill Road for People talking to passers-by

[Image taken 13.6.21] Grosvenor Terrace, York. One way street for all users. The other way. This driver drove in, turned round and exited the same way. Turning right into Grosvenor from Bootham is not straight forward. Lots of pedestrians c ... [more]

It's 1.30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Ambleside and the Lakes have been full since the morning, and still there's a solid queue of lemmings crawling north.

Delightfully traffic-free lanes - until the moment I wanted to take this photo.

The wooden planter that got set alight last night is now festooned with signs and posters of support.

A pop-up painted cycle lane has appeared on George V Bridge, wider than the narrow stepped lane to its left, but still inside of a left turn motor vehicle lane, so probably best to continue moving out if not turning left.

Somewhere along Coleridge Road, N8 Car door fatality

Cars stopping in advisory cycle lanes, north Bristol

The protected cycle lane in Royston Road appears to direct cyclists into the kerb without warning. Further along it became apparent that installation work was still on-going.

A protected cycle lane has appeared on Royston Road, but further along it became apparent that work had not been completed.

Horses crossing, Newmarket

Cyclist hit on Surbiton's new Ewell Road cycle lane by driver emerging from Langley Road. Number of cars not giving way here needs addressing. @MPSSurbitonHill @HilaryGander @KingstonCycling In a subsequ ... [more]

[Image taken 12.5.21] Terry Avenue, York. Ahead of the closure (the most recently given starting date was Monday 17 May 2021) from for a year for flood works nearby, Terry Ave now has speed cushions and passing places. I wonder if the latte ... [more]

[See newer hoardings images: #169877] [Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Hoardings around the Environment Agency works compound see also today: #168798, #168799, #168801. From 11.5.21: #168748. All images this location today: #1 ... [more]

Newer image: #170500 [Image taken 5.5.21] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge/Butcher Terrace end). This zebra appeared at lunchtime. Passing spaces were being installed too. Their purpose and presence of the vehicles creating them further detr ... [more]

Flooding reported at: Reference: 00367924 Date reported: 04/05/2021 Fault type: Flooding Address: MILL ROAD, CAMBRIDGE Location: Outside coop Mill Road Cambridge Descri ... [more]

The pop-up bus lane on Braidcraft Road ends here, on the approach to the Peat Road roundabout. The roundabout remains a major obstacle to cycling. For some journeys, the roads around the sides of the roundabout may provide an alternative ... [more]

[Image taken 25.4.21] Station Road, York, cycling towards the Minster - trees heavy with blossom. Waiting in the ASL at the lights there were no other vehicles. I could smell the flowers in the bed to the right. See also: #167752, #167753. ... [more]

[Image taken 25.4.21] Station Road towards the Minster today - blossom on both sides of the road and daffodils still visible. See also: #167752, #167754, #166492 and links

[Image taken 25.4.21] Exiting York rail station onto Station Road. See also route towards Minster today: #167753 and #167754. Image from a month ago - a carpet of daffodils: #166492. Wildflowers at Scarborough Bridge: #169771. Buttercups on ... [more]

[Car] Parking Suspended for Social Distancing - plenty of width available on the High St in Aldeburgh

A new toucan crossing next to Miller Street. The carriageway has been raised to the same level as the footway, and corduroy tactile paving is used to mark the edge of the footway since the kerb is flush.

[Image taken 21.4.21] Station Road, York. Only a single tree was coming into blossom yesterday. One day on and the pink accompanies you towards Lendal Bridge while, on the left, the daffs continue to put on a show on the slopes of the city ... [more]

[Image taken 21.4.21] Station Road, York. Last month it was (city) wall to (city) wall daffs. Now people leaving York station have a vista that also includes blossom on the slopes ahead. For another image of daffs and blossom from today see ... [more]

A sunny Sunday on King’s Parade after a year on and off in lockdown.

Measuring the features of Histon Road. Recorded in metres with a tape measure and a note taker, accurate to 0.1 m. Left to right by Cranwell Court. Footway 2.0m Parking 2.4m Cycleway 1.5m Outbound carriageway 2.9m Inbound carri ... [more]

Measuring the features of Histon Road. Recorded in metres with a tape measure and a note taker, accurate to 0.1 m. Left to right by the Linden Close junction. Footway 1.8m Cycleway 1.5m Outbound carriageway 2.8m Inbound carriage ... [more]

Measuring the features of Histon Road. Recorded in metres with a tape measure and a note taker, accurate to 0.1 m. Left to right by the Canterbury Road junction. Footway 2.0m Cycleway 1.5m Outbound carriageway 2.8m Inbound carri ... [more]


No traffic lights, no problem.

Funeral for a cycling campaigner Paddy Cahill

Midwife, mother of three killed According to that page: Appeal following fatal crash on A710 near Southwi ... [more]

Impatient driving to say the least:

Pram Rebellion temporary art about waste

Mix of bikes, escooters and electric bikes in Cambridge 2021.

Creative response to the short lived art that was previously placed here but which disappeared after only a few days. See #166510.

Roadworks and bank holiday traffic to Torquay (lockdown? what lockdown?)

Updated 21.4.21 See: #167609 and #167610. [Image taken 30.3.21] Station Road, York towards the Minster (top left in photo). Riding this route on the previous day, I was the only vehicle on the road. I was able to smell the flowers. Sadly, t ... [more]

Updated (blossom) 25.4.21: #167752. Updated 21.4.21 See: #167608. [Image taken 30.3.21] Station Road, York. Exit the railway station at this time of year and beyond the buses and the clutter, the banks of the city walls opposite are strikin ... [more]

[Image is Street View from August 2019] York is a tourist destination. These hoardings on Rougier Street, York do not enhance the streetscape for visitors or locals. Further they are a wasted opportunity for the company building the new hot ... [more]

[Image is Street View from August 2019] Hoardings on Station Road, junction with Rougier Street, York. This is a key route into York from the station. This makes it one of the first but also last views of the city visitors will have. The ho ... [more]

[Image taken 1.3.21] Blank hoardings and hoardings with a repeated image of part of the city walls at the Hungate development in York along LCN 658 ( See also ... [more]

Fatal collision impairment

Officers attended a collision between a car and a cyclist this morning near to Ham Gate in #RichmondPark resulting in the car leaving the road. The cyclist has facial injuries and has been taken to hospital. Injuries not life threatening. h ... [more]

“If I’d continued to go straight on, I would have gone under the wheels of this lorry” – possibly the most frightening near miss we’ve seen (and the cyclist is a senior police officer committed to making the roads safer) https:/ ... [more]

Pop-up traffic-calming in Barton - it would be better with a cycle bypass.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me how flooding as bad as this can occur at the highest point!

Five month old killed

Two-way cycling is now permitted in Panton Street, but the right-turn from Lensfield Road is not facilitated by any gap in the hashing. (Note: need to double-check whether there is any sign prohibiting a right-turn here.)

Cambridge market, where The Bikeman and other bike shops operate is temporarily closed because of controversial COVID-19 measures.

“Jogger” killed at this signal controlled junction that has no pedestrian phase. ... [more]

Standpipe in Mil Road, fire at Hope Street yard.

Multiple fatailities somewhere near mile marker 35 on Highway 95 southbound ... [more]

Rare view from King Street to an angle of Cambridge I haven’t seen before.

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. At each of the signal-controlled junctions, the inside lane reverts to motoring use.

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. Hatching has been removed from the centre of the road to make room for the cycle lanes.

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