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Photo listing : route signs (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

The signs at the foot of the footbridge connecting the two parts of Beech Avenue across the M8 motorway. The direction sign is obscured by tree braches, and not visible if following the original Paisley to Glasgow cycle route (an important ... [more]

[Image taken 1.6.21] Marygate carpark, York. No signage for people on cycles. No maps. The hoardings block any views that might help someone orientate. I would feel unsafe here on foot, on my own, or with a dependant. See also: #169845. Oth ... [more]

[Image taken 1.6.21] Marygate carpark, York. Signage for pedestrians. No recognition of the importance of the route being diverted from for people on cycles. See also: #169845 and links

[Image taken 31.5.21] Skeldergate, York. This sign has appeared. I saw it for the first time today because I was looking for diversion signage before I got to: #169091. It's big but high up and, critically for me, it's generic. Hence my not ... [more]

[Image taken 29.5.21] Station Avenue/Station Road, York near the city walls. This sign seems at odds with that in: #169848. Also, people on cycles displaced from the riverside are pushing their cycles here, so it's not just pedestrians that ... [more]

[Image taken 29.5.21] Station Avenue/Station Road, York. People cycling, walking, wheelchairing in York this summer (and into next year) are being diverted from riverside routes due to flood works. The result is very many unsightly, unclea ... [more]

A small route sign almost unreadable due to stickers (and appears not to mention the one route where there is a cycle facility), and a fallen diversion sign blocking the gutter. Providing a path in the park to connect to the segregated c ... [more]

A discreet and unclear marker - the bridleway from Thriplow to Heathfield goes to the left.

The 'End of Route' sign is still up, even though the Wallacewell Road cycle lanes were extended to the end of the road some time ago. The cycle lanes recommence right after the roundabout.

[Update see: #169821] [Image taken 18.5.21] Clifton Moor, near retail outlets, Stirling Road, York. This direction sign to Wigginton has been knocked. Now out of position it's confusing rather than instructional or inspirational.

Half-hidden signs for NCN route 1 in Burnham Market

[Image taken 17.5.21] Terry Avenue, York. Map at right angles – not easy to consult. Nowhere for cyclists to secure or lean cycles while they look at the map. (This issue see also: #168889.) See also: #169084 and links

[Image taken 14.5.21] Rail station, Scarborough Bridge exit/entrance, York. There is no reference to ‘Leeman Road’ as given on the cycle map as an alternative for when the gates to/from the station here are closed. There's no other help ... [more]

[Image taken 14.5.21] Rail station, Scarborough Bridge exit/entrance, York. A third sign very close to the station entrance/exit but with limited information and nothing that will help someone who finds the gates are locked. Other images on ... [more]

[Image taken 14.5.21] Rail station, Scarborough Bridge exit/entrance, York. The largest text clearly suggests the information is only for, relevant to, people cycling yet the bridge was replaced to make it accessible so information should r ... [more]

[Image taken 14.5.21] Rail station, Scarborough Bridge exit/entrance, York. Providing a map is a good idea. However, the map is aimed at people on cycles. It covers the whole city. The detail of the city centre is even less accessible as it ... [more]

[Image taken 14.5.21] Rail station, Scarborough Bridge exit/entrance, York. Two detailed signs. No help if you get to the rail station between 22.30 and 05.30 when the gates are locked. Neither includes the name ‘Leeman Road’ – the ac ... [more]

[Image taken 11.5.21] Marygate car park, York. It This sign is not clear - does it refer to the inside or outside of the car park. Neither was possible today. It's not possible to exit the car park if you follow the 'edge'. There were peopl ... [more]

[Image taken 10.5.21] Marygate car park, York. There were NO signs warning people that the route was limited to the one between the rail line and edge of the car park. Many users of this route do not want to put themselves at risk of or inc ... [more]

[Image taken 9.5.21] Stirling Road, York. The sign just visible on the lamppost where a track joins the road: #168840 is helpful. On the road, even if you get this far, there is no indication there’s any reason other than for a service ve ... [more]

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

Cycle route sign well after cyclists need to have turned left - and it's hidden by the Caution - Bollards sign which isn't needed as only qualified bus drivers use this road. The route sign needs moving to where cyclists have to turn left.

Sign for the National Byway west from Ely - but there's no safe crossing of the A10

Fallen route sign alongside the Jordanhill Nature Trail at Scotstoun Sports Centre.

Not sure why I'd go to the left to get to Addenbrooke's Hospital when there's a decent direct route just to the right.

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, York. On the north side of the 'Tesco' roundabout there is no sign for people on foot or cycles to show where this route goes or the distances to the destinations. This reduces the likelihood of some ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Crossing on south side of Tesco roundabout, Clifton Moor Gate, York (see caption: #167812). Thanks to the dense network of offroad, segregated ped-cycle routes, this is motor traffic-dominated environment is quite perm ... [more]

Crossing to Lowestoft station, shared-use footway and route signs - it's considerably more than 1 mile to Yarmouth though!

Badly placed left-turn sign on NCN routes 12 and 57 - by the time you see it, you've missed the turn.

The signs for the Forth & Clyde Canal diversion (see #155655) are no longer pointing the correct ways.

NCN route 34 to the right, link to NCN route 2 to the left - unsigned, for some reason.

No change to the diversion signs in #95364 and #95363.

If that's the sign to declare the path ahead closed, it's no use lying face down.

I have no idea how someone managed to drive into that route sign, but it needs straightening.

Signs on Meden Trail, Pleasley Vale. Can never really understand these signs as says Pleasley to the right, but it points to a footpath over a field that starts with a stile.

Totem at York Stadium site The leisure complex includes a pool, climbing facility, public toilets and other facilities The leisure centre opened in th ... [more]

As usual, there's no Except Cyclists plate on the route ahead which leads to central Cambridge.

Permanent route signs and temporary diversion signs relating to the Stockingfield canal path closure, but who would know? The temporary diversion signs should be yellow. The canal towpath is open up to Stockingfield Junction, but only to ... [more]

Bent signpost possibly caused by a passing high sided vehicle such as a van being driven without sufficient attention.

Auf dem Marktplatz im Zentrum Marktoberdorfs fehlen Wegweiser zu den wichtigsten Zielen. Vgl. Wegweiser am Bahnhof. Wegweiser nach Süden, Gschlatt, Gwendt, Rieder, Füssen... durch Schützenstraße / Heelstraße. Wegweiser nach Bertholdh ... [more]

Route sign from Lund towards Malmö - but why are there no signs for Lund in Malmö?

Route sign from Lund towards Malmö - but why are there no signs for Lund in Malmö?

Route sign on the main cycle route out of Malmö towards Lund - which is never mentioned.

To the right is a direct route from Roskilde to Copenhagen, traffic-free all the way and totally unsigned for some reason.

Start (if heading south) of the roughest section of EuroVelo3 in Denmark

I'm not sure that is still the most obvious route to Rotterdam - there's a direct route east from the ferry terminal to nodal point 22.

I don't think there's a sign here for the cycle route to Harwich International ferry terminal

Despite the council providing cycle signage at the canal access path at Campbell Street, the nearest dropped kerb is someone's driveway.

Sign for NCN route 70 obscured by post-lockdown pedestrian sign.

Worn-out route signs on NCN routes 7 and 10

Very worn-out sign for NCN routes 7 and 10 - and start of riverside footpath ahead

This sign - telling northbound cyclists to use the crossing and join the carriageway - has been turned 180 degrees

Sign for Lancashire route 91 hidden in the greenery.

Vandalised map of the Kirkstall Abbey area of the Aire Valley Towpath

Half-hidden signage on the cycleway parallel to York Road, Doncaster.

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane at the turn-off for the canal path. Since the cycle lane stops at Lincoln Avenue, this is where many will leave it for the longer route to town along the canal path. The sign is obscured by tree bran ... [more]

Route sign by the road at the junction of NCN routes 24 and 244, but there's nothing visible on NCN 24 as you approach the junction from Radstock.

The Colliers Way (NCN route 24) can't use the former railway line from Wellow to here because a horse-riding centre has taken it over - this is the current link from the road to the railway route.

Cyclists and walkers on the Colliers Way (NCN route 24) have to turn 90 degrees left off the road here to reach the former railway line - but the sign is totally hidden.

Nothing to warn NCN756 and West City Way users that there is a locked gate preventing egress from Kelvingrove Park ahead, and that the nearest way out is onto Kelvingrove Street to the right.

I have no idea what this sign is doing here.

NCN route 51 is not clearly signed through the Cathedral Grounds - it heads off to the right before this sign.

These signs may have been turned around - heading in to Bury St Edmunds, NCN route 51 actually turns right in about 100 metres.

For some unknown reason NCN route 51 takes a dogs-leg to the south from Barrow - the direct route to Little Saxham is fine. Unfortunately the signs have been turned around - the Little Saxham road is to the left behind the Give Way sign.

A rather inconspicuous diversion sign for the SECC covered walkway closure, facing the wrong way.

MAY 2020 THIS IS ADDED TO INTERACTIVE MAP #SAFESTREETSTRAFFORD Richmond Road could be a route to Altrincham centre avoiding the busy Road by using an Richmond Road contraflow opportunity ... [more]

Route marker to NCN route 11 and the busway - not visible from Long Road

The route sign to the busway/NCN route 11 (see #85556) has vanished for some reason.

NCN route 51 signed as route 11 - it may be an alternative route for when the towpath is unavailable.

Straßenschild in Thalhofen an der Ecke Burgstraße (führt an der Kirche vorbei) zu B472. Kommt man als großer Radfahrer aus der Burgstraße und biegt auf den Radweg neben der B472 in Richtung Ortsausgang ab, so befinden sich die Spitzen ... [more]

UPDATE 22/5/20 REPORTED TO TRAFFORD 1684070 Your service request regarding A problem with road signs, bollards and other street furniture has been updated. "Unfortunately it is taking us longer than we expected to deal with your enquiry. We ... [more]

Silly Sign to the always locked gate.

For some reason the cycle route sign has been moved to a separate pole behind the one it was on (see #31604) and can't be seen clearly now.

The sign shows Marylebone 3/4 of a mile to the right - not great for those who don't realise that Marylebone station is right there in front of them.

Sign for a right turn on NCN route 4 - but in fact both the next two right turns are for NCN 4, in either direction. A common problem with this route in west Pembrokeshire.

This sign for NCN route 4 will have to be changed due to the new one-way system in Fishguard

Route sign on NCN route 4 - but according to OpenCycleMaps it goes straight ahead, not left to the A road.

The cycle route along the Whitemoss Avenue shared footway is signed into the park, including a rather steep bit of path at the corner (seen also in #107580).

Route signs at the Whitemoss Roundabout for the cycle route to Brancumhall, but the Health Centre pointed to is not the closest health centre to this location, and so could be confusing.

A new 'No Entry' sign for the resurfaced cycle off-ramp from Churchill Avenue at the Murray Roundabout, but no longer any signs for local routes 2 and 3. So close to the town centre, but no wayfinding.

The cycle route does not run through this car park - the sign has been turned.

To follow the 2014 Tour de France use the A61, it feels like this is being suggested to drivers.

Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Cycle route along a three lane urban highway 😱

Very worn route signs on local route 13, south of Bala

Very worn route signs on local route 13, south of Bala

Very worn route signs on local route 13, south of Bala

Route signs at a non-existent crossing on the edge of central Wrexham

The cycle route sign has been turned 90 degrees - it's for traffic heading west/to the right.

A damaged route sign for the cycle route to the City Centre, but the route is closed off due to the Sighthill regeneration project a short distance away.

The end of the shared footway on Saughs Avenue. But since there is a shared footway across the toucan crossing, there is really no need for the 'Cyclists Dismount' sign. However, the shared footway is far too narrow.

A turn from Alma Street at Kelham Island signed only with a Sustrans sticker, although continuing along the street ends up at the toucan crossing at Borough Bridge anyway.

A sticker for a turn on NCN627 at Kelham Island.

A sticker for NCN627 at Rialto, Kelham Island.

A sticker used to indicate the way of the riverside cycle route.

Was the budget for the Cobweb Bridge so tight there was no money left for a proper sign at the turn, hence the use of Sustrans stickers?

Signage for the Cardonald Quietway on the right-hand side of Linthaugh Road, but not very easy to read from the left-hand carriageway (which, since the footway is not shared-use, is where approaching cyclists should be). Quite frankly, t ... [more]

The White Cart path meets Crookston Road. The signs have vanished from the signpost.

A complete lack of signage at the turn in the Glasgow-Paisley cycle route, although the route ahead links to the same place if you know where you are going.

A complete lack of signage, save for some dilapidated Sustrans stickers, at the left turn into Rosshall Park.

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