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Photo listing: route signs (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Milton Keynes route signs refering to cycle routes aligned with the H and V terminology of the main road network. H and V is perhaps horizontal and vertical. These are pretty hard to relate to unless you know the grid map.

Misleading sign - you can either go left and then right on the route towards the Newmarket Road roundabout, or right into a school.

[UPDATE: An email from CYC says: "It [My email] has already been passed to the Head of Housing Services who has taken the matter up with contractors." I hope all involved will learn from this and the practice will stop - at work but also in … [more]

[Image taken 11.1.23] Bootham, York. Nonsensical, inaccurate, confusing and ultimately therefore clutter. The information is aimed at people on cycles who need to turn right into Bootham Terrace. The 'Ahead' belongs to the information in … [more]

[Image taken 5.1.23] Clifton Backies, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] Location of the missing direction post. Context and links: #189172.

[Image taken 5.1.23] Clifton Backies, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] The route sign in the Backies has disappeared. The pole complete with concrete post is on the ground. Vandalism? Location: #189173. Other images today: … [more]

Misleading route sign - NCN route 3 towards Camborne turns sharp right and then left here

[Image taken 10.12.22] Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: Location on street view approximate.] I asked this cyclist if he’d mind my taking an image as he rode through the route 'closed' signs. Instead he stopped so I could get a better … [more]

[Image taken 10.12.22] Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: Location on street view approximate.] The main sign is very visible to everyone approaching the temporary blockage. It is (almost) correct: This is a cycle route (though not a ‘lane’) … [more]

[Image taken 10.12.22] Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: Location on street view approximate.] Ah, this poster uses the phrase “cycle/footpath”. And the image is clearly aimed cyclists though it ignores all other non-motorised users. And why … [more]

[Image taken 10.12.22] Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: Location on street view approximate.] Lots of signage. Quantity rather than quality: it ignores the group that may be the largest users of this route: people on cycles. Other image this … [more]

Stokes Croft, Bristol

Route sign - which should be removed now the new riverside route from Chamonix towards Lake Geneva has been opened.

Route signs - not updated with the new riverside route into Chamonix

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Completely obstructed pavement. The traffic calming scheme is supposed to deliver benefits for pedestrians as well as other non motorised users of the route. See obvious effect on pedestrians: … [more]

Road closed, pedestrians can take their usual route without problem, but what about the signposted cycle route?

[Image taken 12.11.22] Stirling Road, York. Location of cycle parking in relation to the leisure facility - tenpin ( - I assume they are intended to support. But no sign alerting people there … [more]

An almost unreadable pair of route signs.

A non-standard route sign, pointing in somewhat ambiguous directions, at the junction of Tower Road and Glenorchard Road.

[Image taken 26.8.22] Clifton Backies, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] Clear signposting. Needs distances though. It is categorically a cycle route. But see: #185798, #185799. Problems with the Backies route: #185794. Other … [more]

Cryptic sign on Craigdhu Wedge path.

[Image taken 20.8.22] James Street, York. This 'cycle lane' sign has bothered me for a while so today I stopped to take an image. It's ambiguous at best. Or is it wrong? Is it directing people to turn left along the Foss Islands Path … [more]

[UPDATE: #185661] [Image taken 31.7.22] Ahead left, Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (ahead right), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] This sign is filthy and illegible. It’s also unhelpful or just … [more]

[Image taken 31.7.22] Marker 1 on the York Orbital ( Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (right), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] … [more]

[UPDATE: The route is now open again see: #186191 and links.] [Image taken 31.7.22] Terry Avenue, York (looking towards Butcher Terrace). [NOTE: No street view at this location.] The motor vehicle diversion infra is slowly being removed. … [more]

[UPDATE: Signs still in situ 31.7.22 see: #185184] [Image taken 23.7.22] NCN65, near the Millennium Bridge (right) and Butcher Terrace (left), York. [NOTE: No street view here] In contrast to my gripe here: #184930 the two signs in this … [more]

[Image taken 17.7.22] Asda, Jockey Lane, Monks Cross, Huntington/York. Access to Asda (via the slope on the right from the 'cycle circuit' that runs round the retail park. No signage saying this is the route for people on cycles. No sign … [more]

[Image taken 17.7.22] Asda, Jockey Lane, Monks Cross, Huntington/York. Slope from the 'cycle circuit' that runs round the retail park. No signage saying there is cycle parking. No signage to it. All images here today: #184984, #184985, … [more]

[Image taken 19.7.22] Terry Avenue, York. This Road Ahead Closed sign close to the exit from/entrance to the campsite is inaccurate. It is closed ahead to motor vehicles. Context: #184932. Other images Terry Avenue today and links: #184930.

[Image taken 19.7.22] Terry Avenue, York. This Road Ahead Closed sign is inaccurate. It fails York and its residents. The route is open - to people cycling, scooting, walking, wheelchairing... It's a shady, quiet and pollution free option … [more]

A route sign (if you can read the small writing) pointing cyclists the wrong way along a one-way road, marked as 'No Entry'. The 'West City Way' emblem has its own separate post.

[Image taken 14.7.22] Clifton Backies, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location. Location approximate.] The signage has disappeared. This means: People may get lost/confused. This is a blind corner even when the foliage is under … [more]

Well-hidden route sign on NCN route 2 between Chichester and Fishbourne

Not clear, but turn right here for Eastbourne station

No Cycling to the left on the signed link from NCN route 21

No Entry except emergency vehicles - and cycles, it seems

NCN route 21 has an unprotected crossing of this main road to the left.

Finally cyclists on NCN route 2 can escape the tedious and hilly road - but there really should be a coastal route all the way through the country park to the left.

Route sign telling cyclists to stay on the road and turn right at the roundabout - although there's an obvious off-road option.

NCN route 2 turns left at the roundabout. It would be easy to take it off-road, but the local dog-walkers might object.

Milngavie left, City Centre right. Good luck spotting this route sign!

A recommended route for cyclists along West Princes Street, but signed as a No Through Road.

[UPDATE: 27.8.22 #185803] [UPDATE: 3.8.22 Someone has cut the foliage that covered the front of the sign exactly following the edge. It is legible again though the blind corners of the entry/exit have not been cut back. So perhaps the sign … [more]

Route sign in Sandgate - but the route towards Folkestone ends at some steps, so NCN route 2 uses the road just inland.

Easily missed right-turn sign on NCN route 1 leaving Dover

NCN 1 route marker but without the crucial arrow to the right.

[UPDATE: 20.6.22. Now the sign itself is obscured not just the content: #183650, and the sight lines are even further reduced.] [UPDATE: 13.6.22. The writing on the sign is completely obscured. There are no sightlines at all. So the cyclist … [more]

[Image taken 14.5.22] View of Marygate car park, York from the eastern end of Scarborough Bridge. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] There are no signed entrances/exits between the car park and the infrastructure around it for people … [more]

[UPDATE 7.5.22: Resolved. A tall friend was able to balance on the fence and bash the direction pointers back into position.] [Image taken 6.5.22] Crichton Avenue roundabout, junction with the entrance to/exit from Kingsway North (east) … [more]

[Image taken 26.4.22] Haxby Road, York. Helpful cycle direction signage. But each sign should also include the distance (compare with: #182456). That enables people (including pedestrians and wheelchair users) to decide if they can manage … [more]

NCN regional route 15 rejoins the sea wall here in Westgate-on-Sea - although Minnis Bay is behind the camera

[Image taken 14.4.22] Hawthorn Grove-East Parade, junction (roundabout) with Mill Lane, York. Diversion signs. Why no mention of Foss Islands Path which runs parallel for cyclists/scooter users? By contrast there are no signs at the other … [more]

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Bridge Lane, York, direction of Wigginton Road. (Note: No streetview at this location.) Context: #181634. Other images today: #181625 and links.

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Bridge Lane, direction of the Glass Bridge, York. (Note: No streetview at this location.) On the tarmac light blue arrows have been painted onto the tarmac in this direction ie towards A&E and, presumably, in … [more]

[Image taken 7.4.22] Aldwark, close to the junction with St Saviour's Place, York. The driver of this car is not in the parking space - there's a cone in the way. The signs stating that the road is closed and that there is a diversion for … [more]

[Image taken 7.4.22] St Saviour's Place, junction with Aldwark, York. There are critical signs here. (Context and links: #181274.) But you can't see them as they are behind the black car. The signs: #181468 warn of a closed road and a … [more]

[Image taken on 5.4.22] St Saviour's Place junction with St Saviourgate and Spen Lane, York. Aldwark is closed to all road users including people on cycles unless you push: #181274. It's a critical route that is used by thousands of people … [more]

[Image taken on 5.4.22] Spen Lane, junction with St Andrewgate, York. This is the text – crucial diversion information – on the sign leant against the wall in: #181592. It’s not fulfilling the purpose for which it was placed here (and I'm … [more]

[Image taken on 5.4.22] Spen Lane junction with St Andrewgate, York. This is a cyclists diversion. But now which way? Context: #181468. Note the sign against the wall on the left: #181593. Other image here today: #181591. Other images … [more]

No indication that the variant of NCN route 1 via the University of Kent forks right here.

No - it's a one-way system, cyclists on NCN route 1 have to go to the left here.

Missing route stickers - turn right and then left from Hop Garden Way to Canterbury East station

Advance warning needed! I was just building up speed for the hill when I saw the left turn.

[Image taken on 25.3.22] Thorpe Street, junction with Southlands Road, York. Yes there is a yellow diversion sign but it's a long way ahead. Context and links: #180483. Other image, other topic today: #180482.

[Image taken on 25.3.22] Swann Street, junction with Nunnery Lane, York. The arrow shows a diversion sign for the Clementhorpe Flood Alleviation Scheme. It's a very long way ahead. Would it be visible in the dark, in bad weather, if your … [more]

[Image taken on 25.3.22] Victor Street, junction with Nunnery Lane/Price's Lane, York. Despite being a clear cycle route and immediately opposite your standpoint, the cycle infra ahead is NOT the route you want if you are following the … [more]

[NOTE: Terry Avenue closed to diverted motor traffic and reopened to non motorised-users on Friday, 8 July 2022. Search on 'clementhorpefloodworksdiversion'.] [Image taken on 25.3.22] Victor Street, junction with Nunnery Lane/Price's Lane, … [more]

Ebbsfleet International station - lots of car parking, no cycle parking shown at all.

NCN route 1 turns left here - it's far too easy to go straight on.

Route signs and crossing (with barriers to force cyclists into the pedestrian space), Mark Hall South, Harlow

'Improvements' on the B183 mean that this sign is now redundant - non-motorised traffic has to make a detour south to a new crossing.

To get onto the contraflow cycleway to the right you'd have to go left to find a dropped kerb. And the sign doesn't mention that this is NCN route 4.

The sign for the White Cart Footbridge is branded as being part of NCN7, which it is not.

I've no idea what this sign is for - there's no public cycle parking on this dead end road, just a bit of fencing.

Route sign to a cycle park that closed last year, but joined-up government doesn't happen any more.

Route signs - including to a cycle park that closed last year, but joined-up government doesn't happen any more.

A wingless route sign at Greenleys, Milton Keynes

Cycle route sign to the left - Except Cycles (Sauf Vélos) plate needed on that No Entry sign. (Google Street View shows this street as one-way in the opposite direction.)

The cycle park has closed and been demolished, but joined-up government doesn't exist any more.

Enjoying watching people dismount and then remount 2m later...

The cycle route sign at the start of the Quiet Lanes northwest of Truro has been turned around a bit.

The signed cycle route to Truro station involves the steep steps to a footbridge over the railway.

Via Francigena markers well hidden under the tree to the right.

A route sign directing cyclists to the City Centre and Colleges Cycle Route, pointing up South Woodside Road towards North Kelvinside.

How is anyone meant to read this sign on the approach to the junction?

Lacock - NCN route 403 turns right here, but there's no mention of the Wiltshire Cycleway

Lacock - the Wiltshire Cycleway goes to the left, but there's no mention here of NCN route 403

The route sign at Kelvingrove Art Gallery has been reinstated after COP26. Interestingly, the walking and cycling directions to some destinations are different. The Kelvin Hall is referred to as Kelvinhall. The shortest route to the … [more]

A randomly pointing cycle route sign, no road markings, and a car parked on a marked tactile crossing.

[UPDATE: Despite the sign indicating this was a long-term diversion "Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30 Follow diversion" I got a reply from the Environment Agency that said it was a diversion for a couple of hours: "That diversion notice was in place for a … [more]

End of a mountain bike loop off the road (the sign seems to have been turned around)

Some confusion here - the brown sign shows the Via Francigena to the right (turning onto a rough track) but the blue and white sticker on the second pole shows it continuing on the road.

[Image taken 13.11.21] Monks Cross retail park, Monks Cross Drive, Monks Cross, Huntington, York. [NOTE: streetview shows the previous site layout.] No mention of cyclists. The off-road tarmac on the right is not shared use at this point. … [more]

A direction sign for the Forth & Clyde Canal in Bowling, with a pointed end even though it is on the approach to the actual junction. The pedestrian crossing used to be part of NCN7, until the cycle route was rerouted via the Bowline path.

[Image taken 9.11.21]. Spen Lane, junction with St Andrewgate, York. This sign clearly shows the direction for people on the diversion from #175681 and trying to reach: #175680. But there’s a junction (with St Saviourgate) and a dogleg … [more]

There's no sign that the Via Francigena cycle route turns right here.

Hidden racks sign from the cycleway on site right, very poorly placed.

Image taken 29.10.21] Aldwark junction looking towards the filtered permeability junction with St Andrewgate, York. The image shows how popular this link is. In the background right is the second of the ghost signs here today. Other images … [more]

[UPDATE: This sign has been removed.] [Image taken 24.10.21] Bootham Terrace, York. This fence seems to attract signage. What is the sense in this one? Who are the pedestrians being diverted? From where to where? Which direction does this … [more]

[Image taken 22.10.21] North Street, junction with Tanner Row, York. Part of the Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood Scheme diversion. The sign on the left has no value. It's a ghost sign: just a frame. It’s a hazard and an obstruction. … [more]

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