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Photo listing : general sign/notices

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This cycleway meets another cycleway at a T junction - so why the "END OF CYCLE ROUTE" sign and incorrect tactile paving?

It’s illegal to drive here before 10:30pm. Video filmed at 6pm.

Worrying road closure signs - in fact it refers to a side road, the main route to St Keverne was open.

Pavement parking enforced by CCTV

”Never look back”, says the painted footway user

Signage for a narrow passageway

Cambridge Retail Park Advisory sign suggests that cyclists stick to that narrow lane. "Cyclists use cycle lane only" and there's a 5 mph sign.

Maidstone Road, Felixstowe

Gulpher Road, Felixstowe

Gulpher Road, Felixstowe

Gulpher Road, Felixstowe



The Card Shop, Felixstowe They have a manually controlled flashing red light warning when the number of customers reaches three, meaning you have to wait! Quirky and fun.

No cycling over the golf course.

A cycling campaigner points out to me that the cycling prohibition on this board has officially been obscured and so courteous cycling along Felixstowe promenade is permitted.

Askam in Furness Cumbria Local community made sign to warn of trip hazard when riding. It's needed here as the rider is going down hill .

New road sign on Talma Road has our backing

No Cycling - although this is officially EuroVelo 3

Waterfront route (EuroVelo3), Hamburg - cycles and access only

Cyclists in the heyday of the St.Pauli-Elbe Tunnel, Hamburg

Contraflow cycle route, Hamburg

Contraflow cycle route, Hamburg

No Cycling to the cycle parking at this college - you'd never see this across the border in the Netherlands!

Plans for new cycle parking as part of the improvement of the Groningen station area

Sign warning of mopeds on the cycleway

Count-down on a cycle crossing, Amsterdam

Forbidden to Park Bikes in the street outside the Amsterdam equivalent of Covent Garden market.

Details of this indoor cycle park in the trendy and crowded Pijp area of Amsterdam.

Cyclists Dismount (obviously)

No pedestrians, bikes or mopeds in this construction area - not actually a problem outside working hours.

No barbecues, no bongo drums etc, no scooters but cycling permitted in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Cyclists Dismount sign on this narrow shopping street in Haarlem

Cyclists Dismount banner on this narrow shopping street in Haarlem

Sign for a passing place on this largely traffic-calmed road, the Leidseweg.

No entry for bikes to the weekly market, Leiden

No cycling on this alley in Leiden

No Cycle Parking sign in French and English (not Dutch) at the International Criminal Court, Den Haag

I'm singing on my bike, just singing on my bike! That's what the sign is telling cyclists to do.

Let Op! Take Care! warning for drivers turning right across the cycleway

It's definitely a foot and bicycle ferry from Harwich to Shotley and Felixstowe.

The Silver Street bus gate is now operational full time in both directions - so Cambridgeshire County Council has closed the left-turn lane on Queen's Road. So cyclists (who are allowed to turn left) are forced into what is now a single nar ... [more]

Pop-up fall-down signage for this Covid-19 closure to motor traffic

Link from Walton Well Road to the rear of Oxford station - this is the only reference to the gates being closed at night.

I've no idea what this sign refers to - the cycle route certainly continues along the Botley Road.

The green sign does give a positive 'Road Open' message.

Here we go again... the point of the modal filter is that Bateman St is not closed, it is very much open except at one point to motor vehicles - but Cambridgeshire's highways department can't be expected to grasp that.

Then there’s this sign... 👍#Ealing #LTNs #Northfields [Editor: Location approximate]

Right turns into Devonshire Road permitted, as a result of the bridge change - the old sign was removed.

Cool street name

cyclists can ride on the busway as far as the roundabout, but no further. Why?

Cyclists can ride on the busway this far but no further. Why?

Runcorn busway. cyclists now allowed to use this stretch during daylight hours - but only as far as the roundabout where all other exits are prohibited for cyclists: #151147 , #151148 Presumably cyclists are expected to turn round and come ... [more]

Cyclists allowed to use part of the Runcorn busway part of the time.

Sign advising motorists to give way when crossing the popup cycle lane.

The good news: As a response to the pandemic cyclists now allowed to ride on this Runcorn busway. The bad news: but only a small part of the network and only during the daylight - which is going to make it less useful now that the days are ... [more]

Cyclists Dismount sign illustrates just how poor the new cycleway design is. Totally unnecessary since the adjacent busway only takes 4 buses per hour - if only cyclists were allowed to use it.

Cyclists Beware DO NOT UNDERTAKE Sign that tries to place the responsibility for the turning lorries on the cyclists.

Good signage, "Cyclists give way to pedestrians", which should be more widely permitted

Rather unofficial-looking 'Dual use' sign

Signage to beware of the fun little train

No parking near the school entrance

No parking near the school entrance

Missing sign to turn right

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

Beer for mountain bikers

Missing sign for left turn

A badly placed sign put in the middle of the footway where it will be an obstruction to pedestrians. It could easily have been put against the low wall on the left edge. Reported at: ... [more]

This is the covid 19 sign telling cyclists they should dismount. On an A road (A183 in Whitburn). Council logo on so my council tax is being wasted on this. I feel an email to a councillor coming on

Excellent practice at Civerino's Pizza in Edinburgh - the pop-up cycle lane is for cyclists, not drivers wanting to collect pizza.

A routinely ignored No access sign.

Bus lane warning sign at the left edge of the footway.

Cycle paths enable more activities than just cycling.

Not one, not two, but three No left turn except cycles signs.

The new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout - the yellow-and-black sign should say clearly 'Drivers Give Way etc' and not be off to the left of the cycle and pedestrian sections.

Approaching the new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout.

I assume this refers only to cyclists wanting to cross to Brooklands Avenue - there's no reason not to continue riding on the shared-use to the right.

Classic cylephobic Health and Safety nonsense.

Shared-use footway with segregated footway sign - wrong! And why does it not begin until this point?

Watch out for Cyclists sign at the A168 roundabout, Boroughbridge

CTC winged wheel and National Cyclists Union sign, Askrigg

Welcome to Yorkshire, and finally a bit of downhill - but there's still plenty of uphill before Hawes

Sign for the off-road route from Kirkby Stephen station to the town (and sign to turn right 100m away)

No Cycling on this paved path

Cyclists Dismount sign at the exit from the Kingmoor Nature Reserve, Carlisle

Cyclists Dismount sign on the shared-use route on the former railway through the Kingmoor Nature Reserve

Cyclists Dismount sign on the shared-use route on the former railway through the Kingmoor Nature Reserve, Carlisle

Cyclists Dismount sign on the shared-use route on the former railway through the Kingmoor Nature Reserve

Information on the Kingmoor Nature Reserve, Carlisle

The No Cycling sign has beem turned 180 degrees - though in fact there'd be no problem cycling on this paved path.

No Cycling most of the day on the main square in Carlisle

No Motor Vehicles - but this does allow cyclists to cut off a section of the A5086 towards Cockermouth

Temporary closure of footpath (but not cycleway) on NCN routes 71 and 72 towards Whitehaven

Excellent - there's space for two bikes on the Carlisle-Edinburgh buses

Mo Motor Vehicles

Cecil Street, Carlisle: One way, No Motor Vehicles except for access

No left turn except cycles at the junction with Mill Road at the foot of the bridge.

NO, Cumbria Council, you do not tell cyclists to dismount when the cycle lane is closed. You might put up a sign warning drivers that cyclists may be merging into the traffic.

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