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Photo listing : general sign/notices (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Strange to install steelwork that's pretty useless except for cycle parking, and then plaster No Cycling stickers on them.

Dead End sign - though it continues as a byway and then a bridleway

Dead end for cars (cut off by the former A14) but not for pedestrians or dismounted cyclists.

Errm right - pointless Cyclists Dismount sign lost in the undergrowth at Nokia's office, Milton

There could be an Except Cycles exemption plate here

There could be an Except Cycles exemption plate here

Supposedly 'improved for walkers and riders' by Cambridgeshire County Council. Not exactly a commuting route, is it?

Eddington fantasy

Went out for an easy ride, found the least welcoming village in Cambridgeshire... A follow up story from Cambridge News: ... [more]

Altrincham Trafford near Manchester. Except Cycles sign needed here .

Kein Radweg vorhanden. Straße zu schmal und stark befahren. Trotz Gefahr immer noch Tempo 50. Tempo 30 an der Schule nur temporär. Unbedingt Tempo 30 ab der Einmündung Saliterstraße.

Einmündung Simon-Baumann-Str. in Ruderatshofener Str. Simon-Baumann Straße ist Tempo 30 und in beide Richtungen befahrbar. Tempo 30 Schild fehlt.

Nonsense sign at the exit from Eddington - there are shared-use routes left and right beside Madingley Road and also on the far side into the university's West Cambridge site.

An obvious link from Lolworth and the A1307 to Swavesey, but visitors are clearly not wanted.

The No Cycling sign should be beyond the turning to the left.

Sign points wrong way It is 90 degrees wrong.

Just out of sight is a No Motor Vehicles sign, but there's no reason to stop cyclists coming this way (even though they probably won't manage to cycle up the very steep narrow lane).

This is definitely NOT the wheelchair access to the southbound platform at Chirk

Bizarre signage where a railing has been removed.

Welcome to the Fallowfield Diversion route. Would you use this unlit and muddy underpass at night?

This dark, unlit, narrow and filthy passageway with bollards at each end is on the Fallowfield Loop diversion. Would you use this at night?

This popular walking and cycling route, which serves as an alternate route to the very busy main road, is dark and uninviting at night. There are streetlamps that do not appear to be the council's responsibility, and every one is dead. ... [more]

No Entry Except Buses - no mention of bikes at this rising bollard, but thankfully they're using it anyway.

Does there really need to be a cycling ban on Shepherd's Place in this day and age?

The 'No Through Road' sign should have been fitted with an 'except cycles' plate when the Hopehill Road closure was opened up to cycling (in background and at #108226).

@tcornwallis @camcycle The third one is real. Used for electric works along a cycle route that follows the guided busway. (NCN 51) For context see third photo in ... [more]

Extremely low headroom on this former canal tunnel makes cycling here a risky prospect.

'No Through Road' signs that need 'except cycles' plates, since the other end of the road is open to cycle access (see #113020).

'Cyclists Dismount' at the footbridge across the motorway connecting Queenslie Industrial Estate and the Fort shopping centre.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign, unusually in mixed upper and lower case, at the entrance to Robroyston station car park, suggesting the footway from #112818 is indeed shared-use. For those not on the footway, a mandatory tour of the car park ... [more]

A cover on one of the traffic signals at the Robroyston motorway junction sliproad, even though the toucan crossing is working and uncovered.

Another 'Cyclists Dismount' sign in Thorne.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign for a small bridge in the shared-use path alongside the canal in Thorne.

A banner promoting some aspect of cycling, but since part of it has fallen down, the message is lost.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign on the same pole as a sign saying cycling is allowed. Are cyclists only meant to dismount to go around the corner then remount?

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign with no obvious reason why dismounting is advised. Maybe cyclists should join the carriageway here.

Unnecessary No Cycling sign by the yacht harbour of Nueva Palmira, Uruguay

A 'cycles only' sign halfway along Cardonald Drive. Not complied with or enforced.

No idea what this sign is doing here - as the painted marking makes clear, this is a shared-use cycle route.

A dead end for cars, perhaps, but not for cyclists.

The irony of this sign is that behind me, when I took it, were several giant fairground rides blocking about half the width of the pedestrianised street. What's the objection to people scooting along? How short-sighted of Bolton Council.

Manchester route to Wythenshae Hospital . No Entry sign needs #exceptcycles sign

A 'No Cycling' sign on the path that now leads to the cycleway adjacent to St Rollox Drive.

Bizarre signs at either end of this alley - there clearly is access to the Bankside Gallery, and thus to the riverside walk.

Cyclists Dismount sign - presumably because cars might be moving....

It seems very petty to ban cycling on this short traffic-free shopping street in Wells-Next-The-Sea

This has to be the world's simplest upgrade. Building a cycle route through here, across Braemar Avenue and then over the railway would provide direct, almost entirely traffic-free access to the schools and leisure centre at the end of Bow ... [more]

There is more than enough space here to install dropped kerbs and enable a quick and easy cycling link between these two roads.

There is more than enough space here to install dropped kerbs and enable a quick and easy cycling link between these two roads.

This short footpath is actually reasonably wide once the overgrowth is removed, and might provide a useful link if upgraded.

You cannot expect people to be "more active" to improve their health when the very tracks you want them to use are in this condition. This entire route needs a sealed surface and proper drainage.

A road used only by shuttle buses, or a footway blocked by the crowds waiting for those buses - which would you rather cycle on? (PS still no cycle parking at all at Mont St Michel)

Wheelie-bin hiding the pedestrian zone sign by the new city library, Caen

Cyclists Wheel Your Bikes sign and barrier at entry to campsite - where of course cars and indeed campervans are allowed to move freely

'No Entry' and 'Recommended Route for Cycles' at Hustlergate. Which is it? I didn't notice any obvious signage for the NCN66 turn here.

No Vehicles and Cyclists Dismount on Foundry Hill leading to a toucan crossing across Main Street (at #110745). There were no such signs at the other end of the lane. A dropped kerb could also be provided.

Ah, National Cycle Network in Wandsworth, London. How we love you so. You have to be quite strong to wheel a bike up the ramp to this gate and then push through. Lovely stuff from @wandbc Similar in Cambridge, see ... [more]

Cyclists Dismount leaving the cycle path entering the Rushcliffe Arena Car Park

Not a real dead end, and the one-way section could easily be two-way for cycling.

What's wrong with this picture? Wondering why #cycling is forbidden in East Kilbride underpass which connects to a shared use path just 50 metres away. #activetravel #eastkilbride @SLLeisCulture @southlanarkshi2

The End of Route sign applies only to the ramp to the trading estate - and why, anyway?

Clearly marked as a footpath only, who knows why cycles aren't welcome?

Predictably, there's no indication that Mill Road might be open for cycling - the usually motor vehicle-obsessed thinking.

Don't expect too much in terms of "facilities" on this stretch of the national cycle network.

Strange - bikes are allowed on trains here, so why the No Bikes signs at Täsch station?

Residents and farm traffic only - no mention of cycles

Llandudno shared use with sign saying Cyclists Dismount. (Taken from a bus.)

Cyclists Dismount. Why? Ridiculous

I'm confused by this sign - it says beware of lorries pulling out, but seems to show a lorry pulling in. What's needed are signs telling drivers to look out for cyclists, not the other way round.

At last the roadworks (with Cyclists Dismount and go somewhere unspecified signs) on the A30 have finished and there's a new rail/bus interchange - cyclists are told to dismount to cross to the station, and there's no indication at all that ... [more]

Poorly signed No Entry in Corfu - it seems to only operate from 0730 to 1730, when coaches are arriving at the Achilleion Palace. In any case an exemption for cycling would be good.

Cycling beyond the No Cycling sign (why??), Berat, Albania

Huge 'No Cycling' and 'No Pedestrians' signs next to the Redwood Drive shared footway. What is actually meant is that the Glasgow Southern Orbital road beyond the junction is restricted.

The 'Cycles Only' sign at the start of the cycle track at the Righead Roundabout on Murrayhill has been facing the wrong way for years.

Despite the 'No Smoking' signs with the cycle shelters, this 'Designated Smoking Area' sign is pointing right at the cycle shelters.

Poor capitalisation on road sign. No sign for East Kilbride cycle route 2.

A 'No Through Road' sign on East Kilbride's cycle route 1, and no destination signage for the Mossneuk cycle route diverging to the right (see #31501). Why doesn't it go all the way to Hairmyres Hospital?

Clear signage for the Dollan Aqua Centre, but nothing in either direction for East Kilbride's cycle route 1 which turns here.

Cyclists should dismount here, to reach the stands visible in the background - obviously, because that's better than car drivers having to pay attention.

The prohibited turn sign in Abbotsford Road doesn't exempt cycling, even though the sign in Chalmers Street says 'No Motor Vehicles'.

Through motor traffic has been removed from Hume Street by a road closure by bollards next to the low bridge. However the Chalmers Street side of Hume Street has been turned into a taxi storage area with conflicting signage and road mark ... [more]

Through motor traffic has been removed from Hume Street by a road closure by bollards next to the low bridge. However the Chalmers Street side of Hume Street has been turned into a taxi storage area with conflicting signage and road mark ... [more]

The signs used on Hume Street are 'No Motor Vehicles' signs yet the plates below the signs and the prohibited turn signs say 'No vehicles except for taxis'. Is cycling allowed, and if not why not?

There is no justification at all for a Cyclists Dismount sign here - but it's only National Cycle Network route 1, why would anyone care?

Photo ID is no longer needed to pass through Dundee port on NCN route 1.

Cycle route parallel to the railway from Dundee station - SLOW because of course drivers have to reverse across the cycleway.

lost in sustranslation...

Is a 'No Cling' sign likely to be legally enforceable?

No idea why there's a No Cycling sign on this bridge - it's definitely a cycle route.

Oh look, new signs from @ChelmsCouncil to show how unwelcoming they are if you cycle to the city centre. One to add to my new blog.

Don't just put up an End of Shared Use sign - fix the path!

It's not a dead end for cyclists, in fact I don't think there's a physical barrier to cars.

Sudden end of cycleway, Bratislava - Cyclists Dismount

I hope this means that the off-road cycle way is closed rather than that cycling is not allowed on the road.

Bratislava's riverside route currently just ends here, although in fact the embankment is perfectly cycleable and people do keep going.

Instructions for the Bajk bikesharing scheme in Bratislava - no map of other stations, unfortunately, although there must be one on the app.

'This cycle rack is to be deliberately left empty' ?

No Through Road to Fosse Way - only true for motor vehicles, but of course that's all highway engineers are concerned with.

No Through Road to Fosse Way - only true for motor vehicles, but of course that's all highway engineers are concerned with.

No Vehicles on this street in central Daventry - NCN route 50, though you wouldn't know it.

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