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Photo listing : general sign/notices (good practice)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

PSPO ZONE NO ANTISOCIAL DRIVING PSPO: Public Spaces Protection Order The link: goes to: ... [more]

A very polite cyclists dismount.

[Image taken 25.11.21] Clifton Ings, York. [NOTE: Location approximate and no streetview along the route.] Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme contact details. More specific finish date than: #176152. The signs are paired along the route. ... [more]

[Image taken 11.10.21] Wellington Row junction with Tanner Row, York. Context see: #174812. All signs images and all issues from today: #174802 and links.

Info board by the River Orwell.

Share the Road sign on the Lot Valley cycle route

Drivers Take Care sign on the Lot Valley cycle route

[Image taken: 16.9.21 ] A1087, Edinburgh Road, Dunbar just beyond the entrance to the Belhaven Bay Caravan and Camping Park. Do not pass cyclists at central islands sign. Good practice sign. Related image: #174291. Other images today: #1742 ... [more]

[Image taken: 16.9.21 ] Paxton Road, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. A sign I'd like to see more often: in areas that mean it. This is on NCN1, the Coast and Castles route ... [more]

Invitation to contribute to the cycling masterplan, Perros-Guirec

One-way road with two-way cycling, clearly marked

Almey’s Lane, Earl Shilton. Three of them died at the battle of Waterloo.

New- all-day bike transport on the Hungerburg funicular, Innsbruck

Mick George skip trucks have a 20mph limit on this 30mph road in Willingham.

Cycle touring by numbers, signposts with directions stating the distances to nearby cities and towns at Mansholter Büsche, Ammerland. The numbers at crossings correspond to the numbers on the sign, cyclestreets #173767 and OpenStreetMap.

Good way of indicating that only motoring is blocked here.

Lost 🐈‍⬛ Have you seen it? £300 for the painting!

Map and height profile on the Rennsteig cycleway at Oberhof.

Useful map explaining walking and cycling routes.

A 15km former Tank Road in central Slovakia is now a cycleway (this is not the location of the sign).

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Good practice. Many people park their cycles at the station for differing lengths of time. This sign is where people on cycles can see it, it's bright red so very visible and the image shows immediat ... [more]

"Pedestrian Priority / Cycle with care" sign on private path. Showing that cycling allowed.

No Motor Vehicles on NCN route 72 east from Vindolanda

'No Through Road except cycles' on Dargarvel Avenue, although one sign is facing the wrong way.

Buried it in the thread, so here it is on its own- just a really good bike logo for street signs

[Update: see #170258] [Image taken 1.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Environment Agency notices with map and QR code informing people about the diversion in place for most of June 2021. Note: the access to the 'footpath' is important to peop ... [more]

[Image taken 21.5.21] Marygate carpark, York. Explanation for the hoardings and the reduced capacity of the car park went up this week. See also: #169468, #169469, #169470, #169471. Other issues here today: #169466.

[Image taken 12.5.21] Terry Avenue, York. Details of the ‘Clementhorpe Flood Alleviation Scheme’. The start date is given as ‘winter 2020’. It will be 17 May 2021. The same sign was also installed opposite Roomzzz hotel. Other rela ... [more]

[Image uploaded 2.5.21. Image taken?] Menai Bridge. No overtaking sign showing cars but with text in both Welsh and English to make it applicable to people on cycles. In English it says: 'Except bicycles by bicycles'. It is the TSRGD-appro ... [more]

Plaque on the 'CTC bench' - The Cyclists Touring Club Cambridge have met here since 11 May 1921 - just a couple of weeks until their centenary !

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton, Moor Gate, York. Narrow Lane Do Not Overtake Cyclists sign. See: #164310 for the local transport planner's take on the signs.

[Image taken 17.4.21] New Walk junction with Blue Bridge Lane. Covid-19 safety information on a banner on railings where people will see it - at the point they pass on foot or cycle. This is good practice. But it doesn't extend to signage. ... [more]

Digswell Park Road has been closed to through motor traffic beneath Welwyn Viaduct on an experimental basis for 12 months.

Digswell Park Road has been closed to through motor traffic beneath Welwyn Viaduct.

[Image taken 6.4.21] Clifton Backies, York. These signs (installed 2020) at Clifton Backies ( are attractive and informative. I'd like to see a version at the cycle-ped-wheelchair entrance to New Earswick vill ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Clifton Backies, York. There are several of these in the Reserve. This one is at the entrance from Sutton Way. See also (Clifton Backies board): #166682 (New Earswick): #166666

'No Turn Left except cycles' on Niddrie Road at Torrisdale Street.

[Image taken 1.4.21] Tesco Extra, Clifton Moor, York. This toast rack (cycle parking) is well signposted. Alas the 'Toblerone'-designs don't support cycles. As a result many people use the railings around the trolley parks instead. See also ... [more]

[Image taken 8.10.14] Banos, Ecuador. (Actual location unknown.) Comparta La Via - Share the road - sign. See the blog post: For a sign from Trinidad see: #166528 and further links.

[Image taken 31.3.21] Hurrah! A No vehicle idling sign. It's at a bus stop on Museum Street, York. Clutter be damned! Let's hope it's the first of very many. And that it leads to attitude and behaviour changes among all drivers, professiona ... [more]

[Image taken 25.3.21] Rougier Street, York. Northern Gas Networks corona board with a clear company name and freephone number. See also: #166254

Excellent practice, making it clear the roadworks at Hagg [not Haggs] Bridge only block it to motor vehicles. Until this appeared cyclists had to go on for half a mile hoping they'd get through.

Excellent practice, making it clear the roadworks at Hagg Bridge only block it to motor vehicles.

[Streetview image from November 2020] 'Give way to oncoming cycles' sign on Herbrand Street, London WC1 at its junction with Tavistock Place. I believe this sign could make the cycling experience safer and less intimidating in locations in ... [more]


New cycle contraflow sign following the installation of a modal filter on Panton St.

No Motor Vehicles except for loading at specific times.

A post marking the location of Trinity College Conduit an historic method of providing fresh water to colleges.

The width restriction has been changed to a No Motor Vehicles restriction.

Vehicle speed monitor in Babraham.

Hurray signage that is for pedestrians and cyclists 👏 And the wasp bike man on patrol with his white noise radio.

[Image taken 19.12.20] Except cycles sign installed mid-December 2020 on Clifford Street, York. As part of the covid-19 distancing measures, Coppergate was closed in the eastbound direction to all traffic except cycles. However, people on C ... [more]

Poster backing the changes to Mill Road bridge.

Southbound cycle lane through the Histon Road roadworks - the yellow signs now say 'Reading this whilst driving a Motor Vehicle? You're driving ILLEGALLY the wrong way. CCTV in operation. You have been REPORTED'

It’s illegal to drive here before 10:30pm. Video filmed at 6pm.

Pavement parking enforced by CCTV

€0.30 extra to take a bike on the Bad Godesberg-Niederdollendorf ferry

Pedestrians and cycles only, except for deliveries to 11am.

A cycling campaigner points out to me that the cycling prohibition on this board has officially been obscured and so courteous cycling along Felixstowe promenade is permitted.

'Green Wave' sign - the traffic lights are organised so that cyclists in the morning rush hour should not have to stop on this major axis.

Cycle Street signs, Odense

Askam in Furness Cumbria Local community made sign to warn of trip hazard when riding. It's needed here as the rider is going down hill .

EuroVelo3 (southbound) - there's only space for one motor vehicle between the cycle lanes, which they have to use as necessary

No through route except for cyclists and pedestrians, Viborg

'Cyclists Crossing' sign on EuroVelo3 north of Øster Løgum

New road sign on Talma Road has our backing

Count-down on a cycle crossing, Amsterdam

I'm singing on my bike, just singing on my bike! That's what the sign is telling cyclists to do.

Let Op! Take Care! warning for drivers turning right across the cycleway

It's definitely a foot and bicycle ferry from Harwich to Shotley and Felixstowe.

The green sign does give a positive 'Road Open' message.

Then there’s this sign... 👍#Ealing #LTNs #Northfields [Editor: Location approximate]

Sign advising motorists to give way when crossing the popup cycle lane. UPDATE March 2021: Priorities have now been reversed #164709 UPDATE October 2021: Facility has been made permanent - complete with the reversed priorities: #17469 ... [more]

Good signage, "Cyclists give way to pedestrians", which should be more widely permitted

Signage to beware of the fun little train

No parking near the school entrance

No parking near the school entrance

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

COVID-19 closure to traffic sign

Correct signage to use when a cycle lane needs to be closed for utility works

Cycle paths enable more activities than just cycling.

Excellent - there's space for two bikes on the Carlisle-Edinburgh buses

Mill Road bridge

There are quite a few of these signs to try to keep cars off Leeds Cycle Superhighway 2.

There are quite a few of these signs to try to keep cars off Leeds Cycle Superhighway 2.

The new ‘Destructor Bridge’ in Bath, no through road except for cycles. It replaces a bridge that linked a recycling centre to the 'Destructor' incinerator across the river.

Cakes and Ale

Mill Road bridge, ironic poster: I WANNA DRIVE MAH BRUM BRUM and there's a picture of a crying infant with text: Pedestrian safety? Don't care Environment? Don't care Cyclist safety? Don't care Kids' safety? Don't care Cafes ... [more]

Advance signage for the Union Street bus gate in St Vincent Street. The West Nile Street contraflow cycle lane also gets a mention. Just like #139580, a cantilever sign post could have been used to avoid footway clutter.

St Peter's Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Islington - very very nice! We will definitely EXPECT CYCLES. 😀 Love that sign.

Contraflow cycling on this road into central Bury St Edmunds

Signage for contraflow cycling.

Footpath signs

“More pollution? No solution” sign appeared on the street

Contra flow cycling affirmed by this sign, but see #137443.

Cyclists exempt from the covid-19 turning restriction on Winmarleigh St. A shame the implementation at the junction is so poor #133599

Fietsstraat, Antwerpen

Side Street 15mph Sign. [private roads can have non-standard speed limits]

Cycling permitted in Warrington town centre Pedestrian and Cycle Zone

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