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Photo listing : tracks

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This road is very narrow and has no footpath. Make it a one way street from Spalding, also make 7.5 ton vehicle limit.

Lights no lights at night

Pedestrianise and cycle route through centre of town.

Once relief road completed pedestrianise this dangerous road through the centre and provide parking and cycle routes.

Pedestrianise this whole area as plenty of alternative access.

Pedestrianise this area to make safer and add social areas.

More pedestrianised areas within town centre and parking on the outskirts of the centre with cycle routes to make the centre safer for all.

More pedestrianised areas within town centre and parking on the outskirts of the centre with cycle routes to make the centre safer for all.

There is some terrible speeding down Milton Road, despite it supposedly being a 20 mph zone. How about installing a speed camera here, or getting a speed camera van to come here every so often, to make the situation safer for pedestrians? E ... [more]

Taxi drivers on East Street park dangerously every single day - blocking emergency vehicles, cycle access, and parking on pavements and on the roundabout blocking foot and bus traffic. Needs enforcement and revoking of taxi licenses from da ... [more]

Stop cars parking on double yellow lines

Shallow steps on the path from Ashvale Crescent to Cowlairs Road, on its way to run alongside the Springburn Expressway. There is a steeper flight of steps at Ashvale Crescent, so the only way to get to here step-free is from Carleston Stre ... [more]

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign on the path alongside the Springburn Expressway, at a point where all approaches have steps, except for the route to Carleston Street over the bridge.

Very dangerous for walkers and runners with speeding cars and no pavement

The path between the care home and the Premier Inn is just mud, bushes have overgrown and not suitable for walking or cycling.

The pavement is in terrible condition from Tetbury to Highgrove not usable by pedestrians or cyclists

Make a crossing here as hard to cross having to watch traffic from roundabout

Poor pavement with potholes that highways will not fix! Trip hazard awaiting victims

No pathway present, dangerous for walkers as they are forced to walk on the side of a busy road

A footpath is required to the gated road to allow the Arnesby villagers to access the gated road safely. The Lutterworth road is getting narrower due to broken down edges making walking, running and cycling more hazardous.

We can’t walk out of the village safely to the gated road. This is well used but we have to walk on the road though a national speed limit making it dangerous. Widen the verge and make it a suitable surface for us to walk safely on with c ... [more]

Widening needed along this section of Main Road, narrow pavement requires people to walk in road. Even using pavement you can get brushed by passing bus because so narrow

Pavement is very narrow, you need to step into 40mph traffic to socially distance. Speed limit should be lowered too.

Footpath is inadequate and in place non existent. This is the only direct means to access nearby village of Shearsby by foot or cycling and the road is very busy, unlit with a National speed limit of 60mph. Footpath and or a cycle path is r ... [more]

Need for wider pavements and formal crossing here

Cycle and footpath needed from Arnesby village to gated road to Peatling Magna

The buses that come over Redheugh Bridge use don’t stop anywhere before Central Station, so please put in a stop somewhere on Scotswood Road, Plummer Street or Railway St. (and perhaps even another on Marlborough Crescent). It / they woul ... [more]

No pathway

The buses that go over Redheugh Bridge don’t stop anywhere after Central Station, so please put in a stop here. It would serve places like Newcastle College, the employers and businesses west along Scotswood Road and up St James Boulevard ... [more]

This road is very dangerous with fast cars travelling along it cutting through to the A1599. The road is used by many villagers to access the gated road for walks. There are many pot holes and is in desperate need of a foot path

The layout of the village of Arnesby Leics is such that with the exception of the very busy A5199 the only road allowing foot traffic to exit the village is the Lutterworth road. There is only a short section of footpath along this road whi ... [more]

It is very dangerous walking from The Burdett Paddock and neighbouring properties, to get to the main village. Cars are not slow enough here and there are blind spots. Pavements would make it safer and the village easier to access.

Heavy pedestrian use to nearby gated road. Dog walkers, families, bike riders, horse riders, runners etc. all use this road

Dog walkers and runners from Arnesby all use this road for their exercise but there are big lorries and farm vehicles making it dangerous for us as the road is very narrow. Please help and keep us safe with a path. Thank you.

Increased traffic

Bins permanently stored on the pavement. This blocks the pavement and forces people with buggies, people walking with children and wheelchair users into the road.

From the village of Arnesby to the gated road a part of a popular walk there is a stretch of half a mile on the road.

Increase in traffic makes walking hazardous

We use the gated road for frequent family walks with our dogs and don’t feel safe enough to walk from Arnesby as there isn’t a path so we drive to the top of the gated road, it would be great to see a pavement put in from the village do ... [more]

We need to walk in the road to get to the school which is ridiculous even when not considering the speed people travel on this road. The road has no curb either which is illogical. Who would plan a road like this!?

Increased traffic

No footpath to get from the village to the gates road. My children and villagers have to walk in the road where cars, some doing 50-70mph, don’t slow down. I drive into the village due to the lack of a footpath as I will not have my child ... [more]

We’d like some more lights in Swalwell Park as well please. It’s lit down the west side, and along the top south side but if you’re not if going to or from the Lumley Avenue. It should suit cyclists as well as pedestrians. Quite a lot ... [more]

Pedestrians have to wait far too long at these lights

Missing curbed footpath for approximately 30m should have been put in as a building condition of new housing development. Would increase safety for families and children

Widen pavements and provide pedestrian crossing on roads on the dangerous 5 ways junction

Provide pedestrian crossing at the 'Piggy Steps' to help children from north Landport get across Offham Road to Wallands School

Provide a pedestrian crossing on Offham Road here for children to get to Wallands School

Widen the pavements to give more space for those coming and going from railway station. And slow the traffic to the 20mph limit

Provide a pedestrian crossing on Nevill Road here to enable children to cross on their way to Wallands School

Dangerous crossing point for pedestrians. Widen pavement to slow traffic coming down West St and put in proper crossing

Instal pavement build out to narrow the carriageway and slow traffic. Also can provide for table and chairs for cafe

Widen pavements in Eastgate Street or put in cycle lane so that traffic is slowed into only one lane

Widen the pavement to slow traffic sweeping into East Street from Phoenix Bridge

Widen the pavement and sharpen the curve so that traffic from Phoenix Bridge slows when entering Eastgate Street

This whole area is a nightmare for pedestrians, especially along the high wall (currently under repair). Walking safely means stepping out into fast traffic coming around a corner. And now that they are repairing the wall, it has become ext ... [more]

Good place for footbridge to connect Staverton & Totnes - better still add cycling provision

Cutting back overhanging trees/shrubs could make big difference to use of footpath

Narrow path without adequate passing places - right by school so very busy at drop off and pick up times. Could easily be widened by cutting hedge/verge, either whole way along or to create passing places.

Could we please have some lighting in Chase Park in Whickham? Quite a lot of people pass through after dark. Small lamp posts from the central meeting point of the main paths, as far as the four entrances would do, there's no need to floodl ... [more]

Pavement is discontinuous on west side of road and very narrow with poor visibility so unsafe to walk in road.

Needs a proper pedestrian crossing

Pavement far too narrow - widen. Cycle lane needed. Far too much traffic along this road.

The pavement in the bottleneck is too narrow

This road is hard to cross for pedestrians as the traffic along the South Coast Road is so busy. Any chance of a traffic island.

As a resident here, I do sympathise for cyclists who cycle up the hill because signage is so poor, only to have to turn around. Our town needs to welcome cyclists. We need better signage, cycle/pedestrian footpath and signage. Also in wet w ... [more]

Very overgrown path, but useful cut-through

Too many cars park on pavements, also no dropped kerbs in Landport. impossible for wheelchair users

No pavements and houses opening directly on to the road, so needs to be a 20 mph zone.

New cycle/foot path needed beside Old Liverton Road

New cycle/foot path needed beside A382 - extend from here all the way to Newton Abbot

New cycle/foot path needed beside A382

New cycle/foot path needed beside A382

New cycle/foot path needed beside A381

This a narrow uneven pavement with no proper kerb. It needs to be widened and built up to make it safe. There is lots of traffic whizzing past very close to pedestrians, not pleasant to walk along.

I think the covered space under the Malling Relief road would make a good area for benches and for outdoor meet ups in poor weather.

Road off Meridian Road that goes round and up into Blois Road. Cars and vans always park on the pavement, too close to the garden fence for me to walk on the pavement. I am disabled and have to take my dog up the back, it’s a blind bend a ... [more]

Pavement in very poor condition for pushchairs and wheelchairs and not wide enough for social distancing

Too much traffic, parking on the pavements. Not a pedestrian prioritised street, although it is supposed to be

The footpath on both sides of the road is in very poor condition and overgrown. This is especially important as there has been a fatality in the past along this stretch of footpath.

Popular route used by pedestrians and cyclists, but has no pavement. Agricultural vehicles, HGVs and general traffic make it unsafe to walk and cycle

Narrow, broken pavement on blind bend

Add a pavement - make Bramley Rd a cul-de-sac not a through road

There are always cars parked on the pavement here making it too narrow for wheelchairs and prams. This road should have double yellow lines as it's not wide enough to safely accommodate the traffic, pedestrians and parked cars (unless made ... [more]

Very narrow single track path adjacent to busy narrow street with many blind bends. Widen road and improve signage...

Path to be widened to allow ease of pushchair/wheelchair users & social distancing

Path to be widened

There is no pavement (though there is a grass verge). Traffic moves quickly and this route is needed to go to Brown's Wood and Milton Ernest (from Oakley)

Low Traffic Neighbourhood to increase pleasantness of the area and park, preventing rat run and commuter parking and fly tipping

An informal pedestrian crossing and refuge should be added across the end of Penkhull New Road.

Narrow pinch point of pavement up against retaining wall just before the railway overbridge could be widened by moving traffic lane over into the centre hatching.

Years I ago I campaigned for a path to the village when my children were small, now I have grandchildren the farmers have gradually ploughed in the path in places as part of their field. This time of the year is a no go zone to walk as tota ... [more]

Currently no footpath along Market Way and the road is used to access large housing estates with a constant flow of traffic including cars goods vehicles buses and large lorries

A pedestrian phase is required on the Station Road arm of the junction

Pavements could be wider by taking the short additional lane away (where drivers often get confused about which they should be in)

Pavement needs to be wider in front of Town Hall, this very busy route is quite a pinch point

A path is needed between the hospital entrance and Fosbrooke Close rather than just a slippy muddy track up the grass bank

Pavement needs widening, dropped kerb crossings over side entries. Crossing would help on this street of Campbell Road too

Pavement needed as becoming more and more dangerous

Drop kerb for buggies

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