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Photo listing : tracks (problem)

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Need to be wider. Struggling to get a person and a wheelchair there

Barriers at junction of Westdale Lane (on the southern side) and Gedling Road make it difficult to socially distance. Widen the pavement and remove the barriers (pedestrians sometime walk on the road here to give space to other pedestrians, ... [more]

Narrow pavement on busy, fast road. This pavement links the coombes with fox hill and is well used by pedestrians

Cyclists using narrow footpath with no regard for pedestrians. Install signs prohibiting cyclists from pavement.

Footpath far too narrow for children and families getting to school. Needs to be widened.

At peak times the crossing here is impossible to cross for some time, and this creates a group of people in the central island

There is no pavement here and many cars do not slow down or wait to safely pass pedestrians walking at the side of the road. It's a regularly used route for children walking to school. Could it be officially reduced to single lane traffic t ... [more]

Near permanent queues on pavement outside Wilcos during opening hours. Road is also unsafe for cyclists. The council has in any case been looking at making the road a single line of traffic and should implement that immediately.

Road sign fixed into the middle of the shared path (not for the first time along Daedalus Drive). Please relocate to a sensible position.

Zebra crossing please.

Zebra crossing please.

Oversized dual carriageway (A27 in general) with wasted space in the middle. Try walking or cycling and maintaining distance during morning and afternoon peak times. There is more than enough room for wider pavements and cycle lanes

A wider footpath on the school side of Birmingham Road/Swan Street and Redditch Road would mean pedestrians & cyclists could share the space encouraging more people to walk or cycle to school. The road is plenty wide enough to be able to g ... [more]

The speed limit on Whittingham Road (and Porchester estate generally) should be reduced from 30mph to 20 mph. The narrowness of the roads & footpaths, and the pavement parking that characterises the streetscape of this area requires pedes ... [more]

The pavement is so narrow one person can barely walk on it and cars go past at 60+mph

The whole length of Bridge Street, from the Centre of Christchurch to beyond the civic centre, is too narrow at the best of times but is impossible to social distance on. Both pavements need to be widened. This would probably mean making th ... [more]

There is no pavement on side of the Co-op shop. Opposite pavement too narrow for social distancing. Need pavement from Methodist church to entrance to co-op car park.

Regular problem with pavement parking all along Magdelene St and Barrack Street means pedestrians often have to squeeze through narrow gaps or walk into road.

Wider footpaths

60mph starts here & no pavement.

People queuing outside surgery and chemist block pavement. Cars park on double yellows here so nowhere for pedestrians to walk safely. Maybe widen pavement and lower road speed limit.

Pavements very narrow on the N section of Porchester Road (from Woodborough Road to Hickling Road). Social distancing requires pedestrians to step into the road which can feel very dangerous as this end of the road suffers a significant spe ... [more]

Queuing outside shops on both pavements means pedestrians walk in road.

The shared use path is too narrow at points to support social distancing. Seek to widen the path, and consider reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph between the Plains Road roundabout and Gedling Country Park to encourage more people ... [more]

The pavement is very narrow so doesn't allow for social distancing without walking in the road. A 20mph speed limit would make this area safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

The road narrows at this point making it not wide enough for two vehicles to pass. Also the footpath along this length of road is very narrow not allowing for any social distancing. If a priority one way system was installed it would slow t ... [more]

Footpath alongside shops needs to be wider to allow social distancing while walking and queuing to enter shops. The High Street is plenty wide enough to accommodate this.

The pavements in the Plains shopping area should be widened to enable social distancing as more shops reopen. Removing parking bays would not have an impact as there are two large free car parks servicing this area already on Haywood Road.

Crossing this road is difficult because drivers regularly exceed the speed limit by 10mph, this needs to be addressed

This is the worlds slowest crossing. you can wait minutes here to cross in light traffic

The pavement is far too narrow to accommodate all the school children waiting at the crossing. The crossing light sequence should be changed to prioritise pedestrians, even if just at school drop off and pick up. Also the pavement should be ... [more]

Crossing this roundabout is a nightmare at times for pedestrians, as traffic can be heavy and fast. Controlled crossings would be very helpful on both approaches from the A690.

Create proper surfaced cycle per route to link to canal towpath both sides

Pavement far too narrow for safety, please extend in to road.

Create continuous footpath over the end of harrow and Repton roads.

Needs system in place for safe crossing as social distancing not possible due to very restricted space.

Needs system to cross footbridge safely as social distancing not possible

Create continuous footpath over the end of harrow and Repton roads.

Wider pavements and traffic calming are needed around the Blackness rd shops area. Currently it's not an attractive area to shop - could be a LOT nicer.

Downhill of the footbridge, the path could be made significantly wider by removing a lot of the vegetation that has slowly crept in from the road side of the pavement.

The pavement is extremely narrow along what is used as a very fast stretch of road by many.

The whole stretch of pavement needs relaying on Mill Road as it is very uneven and needs widening

Reduce the width of the road entrace. It's extremely wide (4 times the raod width) and cars drive fast around it. Also moving the bollards already around the shop to the edge of the pavement would prevent all the cars parking on the paveme ... [more]

Very narrow pavement on both sides of a very busy road makes it impossible and dangerous for people walking to distance themselves from others. Could widen the pavement or close one lane (making it a one way system) for walkers and cyclist ... [more]

Pavement space is poor, and cars are prioritised over pedestrians here. Also needs a proper crossing.

Where do we start ? Very narrow path only on one side of carriageway, used both by cyclists and pedestrians no barriers - very unsafe passage for children and adults and the elderly , unable to social distance without walking in main 60 ... [more]

Upper Bar one way to Granville Rd/Station Rd junction with widened pavement & cycleway

The pavement is not widen enough here to maintain social distance as there are vehices often parked on the narrow pavement and the shops store things on the already narrow pavement.

A public footpath (between Wendlebury and Weston-on-the-Green) crosses the M40 A34/41 roundabout, but there is no clear and safe way to walk around the roundabout because it is overgrown or too narrow and crossing the carriageways involves ... [more]

Huge improvement needed to pavements on Station Road; Builders yard uses one side of the road as it's personal car park and loading/unloading bay.. other pavement covered in Bins.. no safe space to walk at all other than middle of the road ... [more]

The pavement is very narrow here. It is a dead end and so cars have no need to drive here given that the houses /flats do not have parking facilities. This is a key route to East Oxford primary school and to ensure a safe route for the pres ... [more]

An improved crossing for cyclists and pedestrians is required here - currently both end up waiting in the central island where social distancing is not possible

Pavement very narrow, needs looking into

This junction is awful to cross, no dropped kerbs, no crossing points. Walkers have to just gamble and run. Zebra on all arms please.

The pavement is too narrow here for pedestrians to maintain social distance given that people have to queue outside Tescos.

There are no dropped kerbs here and wheelchair users as well as parents with buggies really struggle to cross this service road. Dropped kerbs are needed

A combined cycling and pedestrian crossing is required here to allow pedestrians and cyclists using The Valley Dr to continue on to Gilman Rd

Make it residents parking only

Create new pedestrian and cycle crossing here and remove barriers on cycle paths

Wide,difficult road to cross.Pedestrians need priority with raised zebra crossing and pedestrian refuge in the middle as cars cut across at an angle.

Continuous pavement

Continuous pavement

Continuous pavement

Create continuous pavement and shared use path over the end of junction to Kingswood Road. Make roads access only to avoid rat runners.

Create continuous pavement and shared use path over the end of junction to Burnside and Kingswood Road. Make roads access only to avoid rat runners.

Create continuous pavement and shared use path over the end of junction to Burnside and Kingswood Road. Make roads access only to avoid rat runners.

Pavements on both sides are narrow (May be part of already planned Western Road improvements)

A shared use cycle/pathway to enable villagers to access services more easily outside of the village without needing a car or public transport. Often pedestrians are forced to walk along a busy road (50mph limit) and cyclists passed by vehi ... [more]

Currently a very thin shared use pavement. Not possible to social distance or even cycle and walk safely

School children often walk along the western side of the Road which is highlighted by the worn grass. There should be a footpath.

Narrow pavements from car park

Busy and narrow

The footpath in Old Ashburton Rd, from Dartbridge Rd to Peartree Cross has become impossibly narrow for cyclists/pedestrians/ disabled buggies to use safely. For very little expense it should be possible to:-Cut back hedge and bank and exte ... [more]

Make it residents parking only

Cars and vans parked on pavement

There is no need for a car park at Shore Terrace. It ought to be a public square, and not a car park. there is a lot of room here for the surrounding food and drink businesses to space out tables and chairs at safe social distances so that ... [more]

Narrow footways and cars parked partly on footways. Frequent speed issues despite 20mph restriction. Lane is residential with high numbers of cyclists and equestrians accessing Rivington area but cars are prioritised. School markings not re ... [more]

Speeding cars and narrow footway on one side. Railway Road is a key route through the village that provides access to community, education and health services.

Consider planted islands (as on Whiteladies road at this point of Gloucester rd), the road is wide enough, and it improves pedestrian experience/shifts the emphasis from cars to pedestrians. Keep a few disabled spaces but otherwise remove o ... [more]

Provide pedestrian crossing from Borough Avenue to Lidl.

This park is in a residential area, we should make the pavements continuous at all access points into the park so pedestrians have right of way and cars are forced to slow

We need more space here. There are queues for the takeaway, people waiting for takeaway orders, families walking to the beach with kit, families walking from the beach with kit. This is the main pinch-point where social distancing is diffic ... [more]

Pavement has large holes and overgrown

Crossing the bottom of Station Road is very challenging, it is a wide junction and busy with cars coming in and out. Primary and secondary school age children need to cross here safely and it needs a pedestrian crossing to allow this.

This is a superfluous piece road and could be freed from traffic and parking during core hours for a cafe culture and ease of socially distanced queueing outside our very busy chemist, a small shop, the two cafes, and the bus stop

Wooden planter boxes block the pavement here on both sides of Moseley Road and need to be removed

Dangerous for pedestrians crossing Edward Road, so add a zebra type facility

England's Lane pavements are narrow and often busy because there is a supermarket and other shops currently open. There needs to be more space for people walking and running as it is also a good route to walk through to primrose hill/regent ... [more]

Pavement too narrow. Remove car parking and widen walkways

The green light here is encouraging speeding down Edward Road and jumping the junction. Pedestrians cross against the green. Should it be a zebra crossing with flashing amber?

Pinch point around the zebra crossing - it gets very busy as there is a bus stop, supermarket and the hospital staff all using this one crossing. Some footway widening on one side of the road would help to make space for people to distance ... [more]

You have a brilliant cycle and walking route through the new estate from Winstree road to the Dyke,this should be connected up to the rear of the Fiveways coop, there is a gate into the car park but this maybe locked at times,with proper si ... [more]

You have to go through four sets of lights to get from Stag and Hounds to Marriott! Just add zebra crossings!

Both cycle lane and pavement are inadequate, especially at the speeds cars travel on the road.

Narrow footpath and fast traffic and hgv;s

Fairmile road is too busy to step into as a pedestrian but the bridge pavement is too narrow to social distance

Narrow pavement on a fast corner.

There is no pavement on either side of Halloughton Road and it is narrow. Careless drivers some of whom ignore the ban on turning - cause multiple concerns to pedestrians every week

The pavement is narrow and in a stare of disrepair.

A proper pedestrian crossing should have been built here outside the school and church. There has been no crossing patrol for nearly ten years either!

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