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Photo listing : tracks (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Fix collapsed wall next to stream here

Improve signs for footpath through golf course

Improve signs for footpath through golf course

Omprove signs for footpath through golf course

Pavements on both sides of road are extremely narrow and two lanes of one way traffic increases speeding. At the very least this should be a 20 mph speed limit. Better still would be one lane of traffic until the road widens at the bottom, ... [more]

No path where there needs to be

No path where there needs to be

It's impossible to walk in a direct straight line safely

Path just stops

No path where it is needed

No pavement from Harpenden to the club entrance!

This track could link to NCN route 11 without a great deal of work.

New housing has been built over a number of paths which have been in use for decades. This type of piecemeal nibbling away at footpaths is a significant deterrent to walking as it makes journeys on foot longer and more convoluted.

There appears to be building work which has blocked a path which has been used by people on foot for several decades. This type of piecemeal nibbling away at footpaths is a significant deterrent to walking as it makes journeys on foot longe ... [more]

Pavement stops for about 10 metres and children and adults walk on the road to get across the gap. Children from the nearby school and college often do this and there will be an accident at some point.

Better signage needed to link footpaths

Better maintenance needed on footpath here - very muddy when wet

Widen path to separate pedestrian and cycle paths like Cycleway 31 in New Malden. Remove humps and resurface.

Path is narrow and ends unexpectedly - widen path and finish at corner.

Path narrow and blind corner due to bush, move drop curbs to corner and widen path.

Deter residents streets being used as a free car park, reducing traffic pollution as residents requested in the 'Place-check Reports, 2001 2005 2009.

Footpath needed here

A lovely view but the towpath along this canal is dire for cycling.

Make bridge wheelchair accessible. Convert unnecessarily long treads into a ramp.

Remove chicanes. Wheelchair users unable to access path between A3 and Coombe Hill Road

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, junction with Hurricane Way, York. It's a footpath but used by people on cycles in the absence of a safe/segregated route next to three lanes of traffic (this side) and a further two on the other. So ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, junction with Hurricane Way, York. The actual width of the footpath measured between the kink in the railings and the hedge growth is 88cm. For the usable width you subtract 25cm from each side... Th ... [more]

[Image taken 18.4.21] Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor, York. Right turn and the shared use (pedestrian cycle) sign on the space it leads to. Other images of this issue today: #167737. For other issues near here search on: Hurricane Way.

Widen narrow shared used pavement to 3m. Not enough space for bikes and pedestrians to pass.

Make into a useable path from Woodlands Ave to Eccles Rd

Path is too narrow here

Bushes at private property often encroach into the space forcing people and children into the road. No social distancing possible if waiting at crossing.

I would like a path connecting the two closest roads

I want a crows fly way from the train station to W.Quay Road. Opprtunity missed when doing all the changes. I don't want to go West when I want to be going South.

This path through the RNLI to Asda needs better signage and awareness

It's too narrow on the stretch down from the school to the park. Also the camber is too much for push chairs etc.

To create a short footpath out of Scotter the the join the footpath to Scotterthorpe

We need a one way system and wider pavements before there is a serious accident involving children

Pedestrian crossing is needed here.

Commuter traffic on pavements. Increased HMOs and lets mean parking is an issue and unsafe for children as parking on pavements and obscuring view to cross. Residents parking zone needed.

Pavement too narrow for wheelchair

This is a very wide road with narrow pavements. The high volume of traffic on the road generally travels well in excess of the 20mph speed limit. Most residents have front gardens, however most leave their bins on pavements obstructing half ... [more]

There is a footpath here, along the A6 crossing over the Grand Union Canel and starting opposite St Margaret's Pastures. It allows you to walk into/from city centre but this path always has cyclists speeding past in both directions on a nar ... [more]

Surfaced route through Haldens Park - minor improvement needed for cycling.

Underpass beneath Digswell Road - the former railway could be used as a through route, but it just peters out at the moment.

Speed bump to encourage pedestrian priority

Pity existing pavements could not be improved. Check Beaufoys Avenue Willow Way Queens Road Ferndown. Uneven surfaces due to tree roots & unswept pavements Road surfaces full of pot holes etc nothing done in 20 years. Cyclists never use cyc ... [more]

Footpath here not marked

Footpath here not marked

As already stated, urgent improvement needed here. There are now 5 lanes of traffic to cross, I used to run towards Riseholme, but avoid now as it's difficult to cross.

Widen the pavements please - the endless stream of bins on the path makes it very difficult for any pavement user not on foot to use

Crossing point needed

Road is too wide, and encourages cars and vans to corner at high speeds. Buses sometimes too. As a pedestrian it can be difficult if navigating the crossing. Narrow the road width and introduce a zebra crossing

Priory Road is a 60mph Road despite it having blind junctions and a single vehicle access bridge. There is no footpath connecting Fishtoft to Frieston and somebody has been killed by a car due to having to walk along the road described abov ... [more]

Resolve flooding problem across path

There is a footpath here, along the A6 crossing over the Grand Union Canel and starting opposite St Margaret's Pastures. It allows you to walk into/from city centre but this path always has cyclists speeding past in both directions on a nar ... [more]

Unmarked footpath here

No footpath here up steep narrow lane - what is marked here?

This is a very poor route to combine cyclists and people on foot. It's too narrow, blind bends etc. Unfortunately cyclists still can't appreciate that pedestrians aren't as fast as them and can't leap out of their way the second they ding t ... [more]

Footpath to village from garage / M&S shop urgently needed

Paths on the B1053 are poor or non existent especially before and after Shalford - providing pedestrian paths and cycleways would slow the very fast car and lorry traffic on this road which is dangerous for walkers, cyclists and those on ho ... [more]

There is no footpath along Napsbury Lane, but it's heavily used and there is plenty of scrub land adjacent to it to make a path.

Another narrow gate, difficult for all to use. Not wheelchair accessible.

Zebra crossing needed

There isn't even a pavement on this side of the road - this really needs looked at. No space for walking at all!

Poor crossing point - cars blocking safe crossing on foot and for wheelchair users and pushchairs. Drop kerbs not inline. Zebra closing would be good. This is main pedestrian route into town from Fosse.

Crossing needed to join paths either side

Footpath needs to be put all long this country lane to encourage more kids to bike to schools instead of walking on the dangerous road

Fill in the sink hole. Remove the fencing installed by the Leicestershire County Council almost four months ago. Thereby eliminating hazards presented to both pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Coastal footpath badly signposted here

Coastal footpath badly signposted here

Parking on pavement frequent and fully blocks access for pedestrians. Enforce this please. Store your cars on the road not the path

The walkway beside the arboretum from St Denys church down to Gartree Rd, past the arboretum is barely there and very muddy; if this was improved, more people would walk this route to get to Oadby and more would walk to the Arboretum instea ... [more]

B4114 urgently needs a wider footpath for pedestrians walking from Narborough to Broughton Astley. The narrow strip that exists in places has been overcome by vegetation and soil. Passing vehicles are too close and large trucks are frighten ... [more]

Upgrade the quality of the pavement which is a popular link between Eight Ash Green and the Tollgate.

Extend the pavement to enable access to pavement to the south of Halstead Rd along the A1124 towards Tollgate.

Footpath is of very poor quality but regularly used by residents of Eight Ash Green & hotel guess to access Tollgate shopping.

Too narrow foot path . no room for separation

Too narrow for cyclist and pedestrians to share paths, please make path wider.

Too narrow for cyclists and walkers to share park path

St Peter's Hill - Woodcote Rd. Lower the speed limit to 20 m.p.h. Speeding traffic. Also the pavement beside St Peters Church needs to be kept clear of hedge overhang. To avoid the vegetation one has to step onto the road.

Widen or alter gates, stiles and pathway to allow for parents with buggies to walk to the school, please

[Image taken 24.3.21] The cycle symbols on the route out of Esplanade carpark, York, have worn away. There are two lots of 3.5cm untapered solid metal upstands across the full width of the route (part of flood prevention measures), height r ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Esplanade carpark, York. Part of a route proposed as a diversion from the riverside which will close for the summer from 1 April 2021. Even on a bright day, this does not look inviting or feel safe. There is nothing to ... [more]

The road between Fishtoft village and Boston near to the old Fogarty factory desperately needs a foot/cycle path. The road has a 60 mph speed limit and is used by many HGV's as well as cars and agricultural machinery. A lot of people are ... [more]

On-street parking should be removed to either widen the pavement or provide a cycle way. Significant problem here with close passing of cars

Not enough safety measures on this underpass. Missing mirrors and dark entrances.

The pavement is badly cracked and overgrown with hedging and moss

The pavements are overgrown with hedging/moss

Pavements are in bad condition for walkers

Zebra crossing here is ignored by cars at all times of day, cars don't stop for pedestrians even when they are already on it. Need lights or camera to enforce safety

The pavement is very narrow here due to the level crossing. People bunch to wait and it makes distancing difficult.

Improve riverside path for cyclists & walkers/joggers

Improve riverside path for cyclists & walkers/joggers

Traffic very heavy going through this high street, only one crossing which is very slow to change lights, feels hostile to pedestrians and cyclists. Widen pavement and slow down traffic, improve crossing.

Busy traffic through this area and takes away a lot from this being a thriving high street. Get rid of on-street parking, widen the pavement, to stop it being used as a through-road.

Very narrow pavement so space for social distancing or children to cycle, pavement in very poor condition.

This is too narrow for too long, access to the local rail network is across the road, no footway on the other side and traffic too fast to easily step in the road

Remove flooding,large puddle every time it rains

Wider path

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